1. General Details

    TerumoBCT PRP is an autologous biologic derived from whole blood that is preferentially enriched for platelets.

    How the PRP Process Disposable Works

    Selective Enrichment of the Stem-Cell-Rich Mononuclear Fraction

    The floating shelf used in our PRP process disposable is specifically designed to selectively capture the mononuclear fraction of the WBC population. Many other PRP systems remove this important component from their PRP preparations.

    This fraction contains the majority of peripheral stem cells, identified by the CD34+ marker. CD34+ cells aid in angiogenesis and tissue regeneration at the application site. The concentration of stem cells found in PRP prepared on the SmartPrep system is indicated by the predominance of CD34+ cells.

    Reduction of the Inflammatory Granulocyte Fraction

    Similarly, the floating shelf of the process disposable also preferentially reduces the granulocyte cell population in the final PRP product, delivering lower-than-baseline levels to limit inflammation.

    SmartPrep® System Platelet Concentrate Process Disposables

    SmartPrep System Platelet Concentrate (PC) Process Disposables are used with the SmartPrep System. This system provides valuable flexibility to process all three major autologous biologics—PRP, concentrated bone marrow aspirate (BMA) and concentrated adipose tissue—using a single platform.

    Cell Capture Technology

    The process disposable includes a proprietary, self-calibrating floating shelf for concentrating platelets.

    Cell Capture Technology

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