1. General Details

    TerumoBCT BMAC is derived from a patient’s bone marrow. It contains a heterogeneous mix of white blood cells – including stem cells, progenitor cells, lymphocytes & granulocytes and platelets.

    Why BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate)?

    More Consistent TNC Counts

    • Lower variance produces higher confidence for clinicians.

    Higher CFU-F Recovery

    • The higher the cell recovery, the more cells are available for a surgeon to deliver to the application site.

    High Concentrations of MSCs and HSCs

    Higher cell concentration means more cells with potential healing power are delivered to the application site. The BMAC system generates higher concentrations of nucleated cells than an iliac crest autograft. The concentration of nucleated cells found in bone marrow aspirate generated from the BMAC system is 4.5 ± 0.5 times greater than the concentration of nucleated cells in unprocessed bone marrow aspirate.

    Healing Potential

    The BMAC produced using the Terumo BCT BMAC Process Disposable and the SmartPrep® System contains a rich mixture of components including stem cells, progenitor cells, platelets, growth factors, lymphocytes and granulocytes.

    Proven Consistency

    Our biologic concentration technology provides clinicians and physicians with key advantages:

    • Consistently creates a purified, stem-cell-rich product with less variable TNC count
    • Generates autologous biologic products without manual adjustments from patient to patient
    • Produces concentrated, ready-to-use biologics with a simple operation

    Use Our Numbers to Improve Yours

    Comparison of TNC Concentration

    Comparison of TNC Concentration

    It takes more than just a spin in the centrifuge to achieve quality results. Terumo BCT’s innovative floating shelf technology is behind the consistently reproducible results that clinicians can depend on.

    Cell Capture Technology

    The BMAC process disposable includes a proprietary, self-calibrating floating shelf that is designed for concentrating BMA. The floating shelf is designed with a specific density that concentrates the nucleated cells found in the bone marrow aspirate.

    Cell Capture Technology

    BMAC Total Nucleated Cell

    (TNC) Count

    89 x 106/mL

    *89.1 ± 8 x 106/mL

    Automated Processing

    Combined with the BMAC Procedure Pack, the SmartPrep system automates point-of-care processing of biologics by:

    • Producing concentrated autologous biologics in 14 minutes’ processing time4
    • Reducing the number of steps compared to a manual method

    Simplifying training among multiple users

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