TerumoBCT Adipose Tissue

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    Adipose Tissue is a heterogeneous biological tissue composed of various cellular components; it provides clinicians with a stem-cell-rich product in the form of a 3D scaffold.

    The Process of Concentrating Adipose Tissue

    The Process of Concentrating Adipose Tissue

    Process Adipose Tissue Into a Purified MSC-Rich Graft in Just 4 Minutes

    The AdiPrepĀ® Adipose Concentration System concentrates tissue samples to deliver a graft with high stem cell and nucleated cell counts while significantly reducing excess fluid that contribute to graft volume loss. The resulting purified adipose concentrate can then be used for clinical grafting procedures.

    AdiPrep System

    The AdiPrep System Versus Gravity Decantation

    Gravity decantation, the most common technique for processing a sample of lipoaspirate, does not remove lipids and excess fluids effectively and may produce a poor-quality graft. The AdiPrep system isolates oils and lipids using a proprietary lipid barrier disc technology built into the AdiPrep process disposable.

    High Cell Concentrations

    The AdiPrep system can generate an adipose graft capable of delivering a high concentration of stem cells directly to the application site. The chart below shows the concentration of cellular components in a typical adipose graft prepared using the AdiPrep system.

    Nucleated cells


    Cell viability

    78% to 95%

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